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Upon reaching within a payment period (15 days), the commission automatically increases.

The increased commission is valid for the next payment period (15 days), if a higher level is not reached.

40+ FTDs
20-39 FTDs
10-19 FTDs / For new
affiliates for the 1st month
0-9 FTDs
"After more than a year of our cooperation with LOOT.BET, we can say with certainty that they are a reliable and responsible partner. During the course of our partnership, they have never violated any arrangements or obligations, be it deadlines for advertising campaigns or timely payments".
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The company has kept good communication and respected deadlines since the beginning of our long term partnership.
We look forward to work with them for many years".
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"LOOT.BET is one of our most established advertising partners and we haven't encountered any issues in our numerous collaborations. Regardless of the situation, you can be assured of things panning out as smoothly as possible and you'll always find the best way to help each other".
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"We are very pleased to work with Loot.Partners, as this is a fairly modern service that allows partners to earn commissions for a very long time together with the popular Esports betting brand."
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LOOT.BET is the #1 brand in the world of esports betting. We, ourselves, are huge esports fans and thus the project was designed with a deep understanding of the interests and desires of the esports audience.

We have not only created the best product in the market alongside providing the best conditions for bets and special offers, but are also well-known for our support of the esports industry. LOOT.BET regularly sponsors professional esports tournaments including notable events such as LOOT.BET DOTA Summit 12, LOOT.BET/CS, and StarLadder StarSeries & i-League. We are also known for our joint collaborations with major esports studios and opinion leaders having tens of thousands of followers.

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Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions
Financial Questions
Technical Questions
What is is the affiliate program of the top esports betting site to offer wagering in both fiat and crypto currencies, with a great player experience and the best games around. is a program where we give you the opportunity to earn money twice a month simply by giving us the chance to welcome more players.
How do I join?
To join and start earning today, all you have to do is signup on our affiliate website. After having your account activated, you will be able to find a tracking link and reports. You can always contact your personal manager on order to get a consultation.
What if I refer myself?
Anyone who refers themselves will be banned from the program. If you have done this by accident, you must contact our support or marketing team immediately and make them aware.
How much can I earn?
There is no limit to the amount of revenue you can earn. The more effort you put in to sending quality traffic, the more you earn.
How often will I get paid?
We pay our affiliates twice a month on the 2nd and 17th day of each month.
Which payment methods can I use to withdraw my income?
We provide our affiliates a wide range of methods to withdraw money. You can choose crypto or fiat. You can also use different types of e-wallets.
Do you have a s2s integration?
Of course we do! Just contact your personal affiliate manager and he will help you deal with any question.
How are comissions calculated?
Your monthly commission is the percentage of the Net Revenue generated by your referred players. Net Revenue is calculated as total amount less direct costs associated with the same referrals, such as bonuses, loyalty rewards, payment fees and chargebacks.
How can I close my account?
In order to close your affiliate account, please send an email request to [email protected] Please ensure that you provide us your username, your First and Last name.

Still have questions? We have answers! Don't hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to help you.
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